TRACY SPARTANS now Offer Monthly Basketball Training for Beginners


Time for training varies due to availability and sunset.


1st WEEK - Dribbling

2nd WEEK - Layups and Shooting

3rd WEEK - Offense

4th WEEK - Defense


FEB 2023 - January 30th ends February 23rd

MAR 2023 - March 6th ends March 30th

APR 2023 - April 3rd ends April 27th

MAY 2023 - May 1st ends May 25th

JUN 2023 - June 5th ends June 29th

JUL 2023 - Summer Break (NO TRAINING)

AUG 2023 - August 7th ends August 31st

SEP 2023 - September 4th ends September 28

OCT 2023 - October 2nd ends October 26th

NOV 2023 - October 30th ends November 23rd 

DEC 2023 - November 27th ends December 21st




Coach Archie provides a training experience that focuses on the individual skills and habits that develops a fundamental player. This training features specially designed activities and competitions to eliminate ineffective play and instill smart, efficient basketball. Players learn tools and techniques that will give them a competitive advantage against other players, including how to control a ball, shooting properly, when and how to make a pass, see the court and finish with a good and accurate layup.


This basketball training program started Feb 2011 and continues to help the kids improve their skills year round.

Spartans Basketball Summer Camp 2014 Participants

Summer 2013 Basketball Training

2012 Basketball Training

2011 Basketball Training

"Don't waste a good move with a bad shot." - Coach Archie

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