"Vener and I are so thankful of how you've made Vincent a totally different player now. I've witnessed how passionate you really are with the sport and I couldn't be any prouder with the way you are mentoring all these kids and making their parents happy with the skills you are teaching their kids. You are making a difference in these kids' lives and so happy and really proud of you my dear little brother." - Armie Llacuna (armiel@hotmail.com)

"By undergoing training from Coach Archie, he helped my weaknesses become my strength. I learn something new each time we train to add to my game. He's helping me become a good all aroud basketball player, see the floor better, as well as become a better point guard. He is very detailed in his teachings and continues to help me with any flaws I may have. - Brandon Bundy (cat729@comcast.net)"

"Taylor did really well with her right hand layup, left hand layup, dribbling right/left (sprinting) and free throws. I have to tell you that all of your coaching/training has really paid off!! Thank you so much! I know she still needs help, especially her shooting." - Wendy Herrera

"Coach Archie is definitely "THE MAN" if you want your kids to excel in basketball! I totally recommend having him show your kids fundamentals and advanced skills!" - Vivian Concepcion


"Don't waste a good move with a bad shot." - Coach Archie

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